Fraud Warning!

Please read carefully!

Unknown third parties are repeatedly attempting to contact our exhibitors by telephone and e-mail in order to obtain payment by sending forged invoices. It is possible that these persons use the names "International Fair Directory", "Richard Clark" or "Susanne Perry". These are not Deutsche Messe employees!

Deutsche Messe AG does not work with Expo Guide in any way and we have not allowed this organization to use our name or trademarks on their mailings.

The same applies to

  • International Fairs Directory,
  • CONNECT Publisher SC,
  • Construct Data Verlag AG.

We advise all exhibitors to act very carefully when dealing with this and similar companies.

Deutsche Messe AG handles all banking transactions through NORD LB in Hanover. Please do not make payments to accounts at other banks. Especially not to banks abroad.
If you receive invoices (or other correspondence) that seem suspicious to you, you can email them to us at
If you have any further questions about this topic or your participation in the trade fair, please do not hesitate to contact us at +49 511 89-0.
Further information for affected exhibitors who have inadvertently signed a registration order is available from AUMA.


Once again, fraudsters are approaching our exhibitors, this time with a "data protection information" by FAX

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